Trusted Online Poker Site: Indonesian Poker Gambling

Playing on a trusted online poker site is certainly an important thing to do.

Why is that ? because now there are many fraudulent sites hanging around.

If you play on a trusted site, of course you will get some benefits, both from your privacy being maintained and your money which will always be paid if you win while playing.

Now many sites don’t want to pay winning money if you manage to win the game.

By playing on trusted online poker sites such as qqcapsaonline , you can get several benefits.

But do you know which poker sites are trusted and which are scammers?

We will tell you how to distinguish a trusted poker site from a fraudulent poker site bandar bola terpercaya

Characteristics of a Trusted Online Poker Site

There are so many online poker gambling sites on Google now.

Do you often play online poker gambling? Are you sure that the site where you play is safe and gives you comfort?

To choose a website can not be arbitrary, you must be careful in choosing it.

Here are the characteristics of a trusted online poker site.

Customer Service

The first characteristic of a trusted site is its customer service.

A trusted site will provide customer service features for 24 hours.

Why 24 hours? because for trusted sites, member comfort is the most important thing.

The customer service that works is not arbitrary.

The owner of the poker site will use customer service that is already professional.

The customer service will answer your questions wholeheartedly.

They will not be rude and force you to make a deposit.

Of course they will answer all the questions you are still confused about such as how to deposit, withdraw, play and bonuses.


With this, the members will be more comfortable and at home.

But there is something you need to remember, customer service never asks for your privacy.

If there is a customer service asking for privacy which you think is a personal matter, then you can be sure that the site you are playing on is not trustworthy.

Because according to poker sites that are already trusted, member privacy is the main thing, and everything related to members is the main thing.

They will not inquire about the members’ personal affairs or problems.

Transaction Process Not Long

If the transaction process is fast, members will feel happy.

Players who make deposits on a site, of course, want to play and want a fast process.

If the process is fast, then players can play quickly too.

But if you get a site that processes transactions up to 10 minutes, then there are times when you have to be careful.

Because with a long transaction process, of course it will make you anxious, right?

For this reason, it is very important to have this fast transaction process.

From the two characteristics, you can already determine which sites are trusted and which are fraudulent.

Provides Multiple Deposit Services

It is often sought after by many players.

Because there are many in Indonesia, there is not only 1, but many.

For this reason, for the convenience of members, trusted sites will provide many types of deposit services via bank.

If usually there are only 3 or 4 banks provided, the trusted poker site qqcapsaonline provides 6 types of banks.

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These banks include:

  • BCA (Bank Central Asia)
  • BRI (Bank Rakyat Indonesia)
  • BNI (Bank Negara Indonesia)
  • independent
  • CIMB Niaga
  • Danamon

With the existence of 6 types of banks, it certainly makes it easier for you to make transactions.

So you don’t need to pay a discount to make transfers between banks.

In fact, not only banks, qqcapsaonline also provides deposit services via XL Credit, Telkomsel and also available via OVO, Gopay.

Of course it’s delicious isn’t it? You just have to choose which deposit service you want to use, depending on the type of bank you use.

Often have problems such as poker sites not providing the type of bank that players use? Take it easy, at qqcapsaonline will provide many types of banks and other deposit services just for you.


Of course with the bonus will provide benefits to its members.

With this bonus, the players can also use the opportunity from the bonus given to get the maximum profit.

Now there is one thing you should pay attention to from bonuses on trusted online poker sites, namely the bonuses are not too excessive or are still within reasonable limits.

For example, you are given a cashback bonus of up to 50%, this does not include a reasonable limit.

Because the cashback bonus is usually only 5-15%.

If someone offers a cashback bonus of up to 30% and above, then you must be suspicious of the site.

Players VS Robots?

What you don’t need to think about from playing on online poker sites is 1, namely playing with robots.

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Take it easy boss, because playing in online poker is like pure qqcapsaonline against other players.

Online poker is a gathering place for poker players in Indonesia.

Because if you play in land based gambling, you have to look for other players first.

Now with online poker, you no longer need to look for players.

In online poker, there are many players who are ready to play.

So there is no such thing as a VS robot.

So your victory in playing online poker depends on your own skills.

If your playing skills are high, and other players are still lacking, then you can win the game easily.

So you still think that online poker is a setting against robots?

Only Need 1 ID

What is meant by 1 ID is that you can play online daftar idn poker games using only 1 ID.

Because the trusted online poker site qqcapsaonline not only provides 1 game, but there are 7 games that you can play.

Even in qqcapsaonline you don’t need to create an ID for each game.

Only by creating 1 ID, then you can play the 7 games earlier.

So there’s no need to bother anymore if you want to play other games.

If you already know all the characteristics of a trusted poker site, you just have to play it.

I recommend as above to play at qqcapsaonline.

Why at qqcapsaonline? because on this site you will get all of the features listed above.

That’s all my explanation today, I hope you all can be helped.