Trusted Gambling Site: The Safest Poker Online Gambling In Indonesia

If you want to play online gambling, you have to play it on a trusted gambling site so you don’t lose.

But you are certainly confused which gambling site is really trusted with a fake site, right?

Well this time we will give recommendations for gambling sites that are indeed trusted and safe which can be a place for you to place bets. situs judi slot online

QQCapsaOnline Trusted Online Gambling Site

The name of the trusted online gambling site is QQCapsaOnline.

Why do we recommend this qqcapsaonline to all of you Indonesian bettors?

Because QQCapsaOnline will still pay all your winnings of up to billions of rupiah.

We ourselves have also tried playing at qqcapsaonline since 2010 and it is proven that my winnings are paid in full.

Moreover, coupled with the attractive appearance of qqcapsaonline which of course will make you more comfortable playing here.

At qqcapsaonline also provides an application so that you can more easily play gambling.

Easy & Fast Transaction Process on Trusted Gambling Sites

At qqcapsaonline you can easily make transactions because many bank services are provided.

There are 6 banks provided, namely BCA, BRI, BNI, Mandiri, CIMB, and also Danamon.

You can even make deposits using OVO, Go-Pay, XL Credit and Telkomsel.

So you can no longer excuse the unavailability of the type of bank provided or offline bank.

To process transactions, you just need to ask for an active account number to livechat, then all you have to do is transfer to an existing account number.

If you have made the transfer process, then all you have to do is fill in the deposit form and just wait until your funds enter your account.

You just have to wait a moment, because qqcapsaonline always responds fast so members don’t have to wait long if they want to play.

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Moreover, at qqcapsaonline there are also many types of games that you can play.

Lazy to open a browser on your cellphone? qqcapsaonline there is an application that you can download to play the game.

This trusted gambling site application also consists of 2 versions, namely the Android and IOS versions.

So you just have to adjust it according to the HP version you are using.

Many Types of Games on QQCapsaOnline Trusted Gambling Sites

On the qqcapsaonline site, there are many types of games that you can play using only 1 login ID to the QQCapsaOnline site.

There are also many types of games provided and of course you can play.

The games provided include the following.

Ceme & Ceme Roving

Ceme games are types of games that rely solely on your luck.

Because you only need to open the cards that are dealt and you calculate whether the cards you get have a total value close to 9 or not.

If your card is close to 9, and is greater than the dealer, then you will win the game.

But there is also something called ceme around here.

Do you know what is the difference between this ceme and this traveling ceme?

In the ceme game, the dealer is only 1 and cannot change unless the dealer himself is bankrupt or resigns from the game.

In contrast to ceme around, the city keeps changing after each round of the game.

The change of the city is also around in a clockwise direction.

Capsa Susun

Capsa Susun is a game that requires the most skill if you want to win the game.

Why do I dare say that? Because Capsa Susun does not require such a thing as playing hockey.


Let’s just say that if you get a good card but you can’t arrange the cards, it’s just a lie, right?

Because even though your cards are not very good but you are smart in compiling and forming strategies, victory can be yours.

For that, practice first until you can and the stacking capsa gambling game provided at qqcapsaonline.

Domino Qiu Qiu

If you already know how to play ceme and ceme around, then you will easily understand the basics of playing domino qiu qiu.

This is because the basis for playing ceme with domino qiu qiu is the same.

The only difference is the number of cards used.

If the ceme uses 2 cards, this domino qiu qiu uses 4 cards which are divided into 2 pairs.

The highest value is also the same as the ceme game, which is number 9.

So the player with the highest number of cards close to 9 will win the game.


Poker is a game that is loved by many people.

Even because many people like to play poker, this poker game also has a world tournament.

How to play, you just have to match the 5 cards on the table with the 2 cards you hold.

The player with the highest card combination will be the winner.


The game of Omaha is similar to poker.

For example, like ceme and domino qiu qiu, the only difference is the number of cards used.

If in poker you use 2 handcards, then in Omaha you will use 4 handcards.

The cards that are opened on the table are the same, namely 5 cards.

Later you will match 5 cards on the table with the 4 cards you hold.

However, of the 4 cards you hold, only 2 can be used.

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So the assumption is that you only have more choices.

Super 10 / Sakong

Super 10 is a game that also doesn’t require any playing skills.

Because all you need is hockey from yourself.

If you get a bad card, then you will definitely lose the game unless the dealer gets an even worse card.

Super 10 uses 3 cards, all you have to do is add up the numbers.

The highest card in the game super 10 is 10.

If it passes the number 10, then only the last digit is taken.

Many Bonuses Given

It’s not fun if you play but there’s no bonus.

But take it easy, because at qqcapsaonline will give you many bonuses that you can get.

The bonuses include: TurnOver Bonus, New Member Bonus, Deposit Bonus, Referral Bonus and many others.

Many people are eyeing the referral bonus provided by this qqcapsaonline.

Why ? because you can get free chips if you take this bonus.

The method is also quite easy, you just invite as many people as possible to join and play on this qqcapsaonline site qq poker online.

You spread your referral link in your profile menu.

The calculation of the bonus is also easy, every friend you invited makes a deposit and plays, then the total turnover is multiplied by the specified referral bonus percentage.

So you will get a bonus from the total turnover of the player you invited earlier.

The more often you deposit and play with your friends, the more bonuses you will get.

Moreover, this referral bonus is for life and you can get it at any time if the friend you invited is still playing.

So play on the trusted qqcapsaonline gambling site so you can get a lot of benefits.