Trusted Ceme Bandar: Trusted Online Gambling Site Recommendations

Often looking for trusted ceme dealer sites in Indonesia?

If indeed you are often looking for a trusted ceme dealer, then you will get the answer here.

Trusted Ceme Bandar in Indonesia

We will recommend to all of you who are often looking for a trusted ceme city site.

QQCapsaOnline is the name of a trusted and safest site in Indonesia. daftar akun judi rolet

At QQCapsaOnline you can place a ceme bookie bet because no matter how much your winnings will still be paid.

Why do we recommend idn play to all of you? because indeed only at qqcapsaonline you can feel playing comfortably and calmly without fear of privacy or your winnings are not paid.

If you really can’t wait to play this ceme city, then you just register yourself first on the qqcapsaonline site.

Register And Get a Trusted Bandar Ceme ID!

The first step you need to do is to open this qqcapsaonline site first.

After you open this qqcapsaonline site, you just have to go to the list menu and fill in your personal data.

If the personal data you entered is correct, then you just click register now.

And after success, then you just log in and congratulations, you already have an ID to play the ceme city.

Download the Trusted Bandar Ceme Application QQCapsaOnline

If you want to play this ceme city using a cellphone, then you can download the application first to make it easier to play.

How to download the application is not difficult at all.

You just need to follow the steps below which we have presented to all of you so you don’t get confused anymore in downloading the application.

Open the qqcapsaonline site and click the download application menu

If you have clicked on the application download menu, an image will appear as above and you just have to select the application you want to download. IOS or Android version.

After you choose the application according to the version of the cellphone you are using, you just have to agree to download the application via the web as shown above.

If you have agreed, the trusted Bandar Ceme application will be installed on your cellphone and your cellphone homepage will appear and you just have to open the application.You just have to open the application and enter the ID you registered earlier.

Deposit Not Up To 4 Minutes And Play The Ceme!

If you already have an ID and the Bandar Ceme application, the next step you need to do is fill in the balance so you can play Bandar Ceme.

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To play this ceme city, you use real money.

To fill the balance in your Bandar Ceme account, you only need to make a transfer process to this qqcapsaonline account number, and fill out the deposit form in your account.

After that, you just have to wait less than 3 minutes and the boss’ funds will enter your account.

You often cannot make a deposit because the type of bank you are using is not available? Don’t worry, because qqcapsaonline provides many types of bank services that you can use to process deposits and withdrawals.

At QQCapsaonline you can process deposit and withdrawal transactions using the type of bank: BCA, BRI, BNI, Mandiri, CIMB, and also Danamon.

You can also make deposits via Go-Pay, OVO as well as XL and Telkomsel credits.

A lot isn’t it? With the many bank services provided, you can make a deposit with peace of mind.

You can also get many bonuses provided by this qqcapsaonline.

At qqcapsaonline there are many bonuses such as new member bonuses, deposit bonuses, and also rolling bonuses.

It doesn’t stop there, there are still many more bonuses that you can get without the need to spend capital.

This bonus is a referral bonus.

Pure 100% Player, No Robot!

You have often heard news about online gambling that is setting and fighting robots.

If you do hear the news often, don’t be taken in by the talk because it’s all just a hoax.

The owner of this trusted ceme bookie site deliberately makes the media for playing so that players in Indonesia can still carry out gambling games.


Why not just play right away by opening a casino? if you can, then many bookies have opened casinos in Indonesia.

However, in Indonesia, gambling games are illegal and illegal.

If you still insist on playing gambling in Indonesia openly, then you are ready to accept the risk of being arrested by the authorities or the police.

But now you can play this ceme city game online so you no longer need to be afraid of being caught by the police.

You just have to play it at home using HP only.

So you are automatically safe from the police who are looking for gambling players.

Not Only Bandar Ceme, There Are Other Types of Games!

Even though the game you are looking for is only a ceme dealer, qqcapsaonline still provides other games that you can play using 1 ID and only 1 wallet.

So, for example, if you are bored with the game of Bandar Ceme, there are other games that I will describe below.

Capsa Susun

The capsa stacking game is arguably the game that most requires high playing skills.

How come ? You also can’t just rely on your own hockey.

If you get a good card but are not good at arranging it, it will be the same, right?

For this reason, practice intensively before playing this capsa stacking gambling.

Because you really need good playing skills in order to win this game.


Poker is a game that is very popular with Indonesians.

Even not only Indonesians, foreigners also like to play this poker.

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Because there are so many fans, this poker already has a world tournament.

How to play poker is also quite easy, you just have to match the 2 cards you hold with the 5 cards that are opened on the table.

The player with the highest card combination will be the winner.

Mobile Ceme

Now for those who are still confused about the difference between ceme and ceme around, we will tell you here.

If in the ceme game there is only 1 dealer and the person remains the same, then the mobile ceme has a city that goes around or alternates each round of the game.

For the number of cards used, all are the same.

So the difference is only in determining the city.


Omaha is the same game as poker.

What distinguishes it only from the handcar only.

If in the poker game you use 2 handcards and 5 cards that are opened on the table, then Omaha uses 4 handcards.

However, the handcard used can only be 2 cards.

So you have the opportunity to get a large card combination if you hold a lot of handcards.

Domino Qiu Qiu

The domino qiu qiu game has the same playing principle as ceme.

Because ceme is also a fragment of the domino qiu qiu game

What distinguishes the domino qiu qiu game from ceme is only the number of cards used.

If ceme uses 2 cards, then domino qiu qiu uses 4 cards.

Super 10 / Sakong

His name is also super 10, so the highest score in this game is 10.

How to play it is also quite easy, later you just place a bet at the beginning and 2 cards will be distributed for you to peek first.

After being dealt 2 cards, you can increase the bet again to get the last 1 card again and the game will be over.

The player who has the number of cards close to 10 will be the winner.

And if the number of your cards exceeds 10, then only the back numbers are taken.