Tricks to Win Poker: Winning Tips and Playing Guidelines

Poker games are certainly no stranger to being played by many people. But do you know how to win easy poker tricks?

Playing this poker requires a high level of strategy and courage in playing it.

Not a few people who become rich playing this poker.

Of course you want to be like them, not just getting rich from playing this poker gambling.

For that we will tell you all the tricks to win poker so you can get rich quick. slot depo via pulsa

Tips for Winning Poker Easily

In the game of poker, there are several terms used situs idn poker online.

The words used also have their respective meanings which will make it easier for you to play.

These words themselves will make it easier for you when you are in a poker game.

What are the terms used in the game of poker?

Words in the game of poker

  • Check
    Before you get a card, of course you have to place a bet first. Well, players who choose to check can continue the game without raising the bet again or want to check the value of the bet that other players want to increase.
  • Call
    If you make this call, you can follow the value of the bet placed by the other player who placed the bet. Usually the person who presses this call wants to follow the game but still has doubts about the card itself.
  • Raise
    Besides you can follow the bet value of other players, you can also increase the value of your bet more than before. Raise itself serves to increase the value of your bet. Usually people who dare to do this raise have cards that they think are good and can win the game.
  • Fold
    If what we discussed earlier was increasing the value of the bet, there is also a fold. This fold itself is useful for closing cards or not wanting to continue the ongoing game. People who fold this usually have bad cards or are considered unable to win the game.
  • All in
    For all in this is the last and highest. High in what? high in terms of placing bets. Because all this is placing a bet using all the capital or the value of the bet you have. Players who do all this certainly have very good cards. But not a few people who get bad cards but do this all in.
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Rarely Known Poker Winning Tricks

You often wonder how to win playing poker.

Not a few also say that playing poker only relies on the benefits of the cards you get.

But in fact there are tricks to win playing poker that you all rarely know.

Actually, it’s not uncommon to know, but you don’t realize that this method can actually make you win this poker game.

Here’s how to win poker


The meaning of this bluffing itself is a bluff. So you have to occasionally do this bluffing or bluffing technique.

If you raise the bet big, then the enemy will think you got a good card which of course makes him think twice about following the ongoing bet and you will be the winner.

But of course this method is a big risk, but rarely will the enemy dare to follow all this because they are not sure.

For that you have to use the right timing and facial expressions that ensure that the enemy is also more confident.

Concentrate And Keep Calm

With you playing calmly and concentrating, of course, it will increase your percentage to win.

How could that be ? try to play with emotion and passion, any bet you place can be a loss.

You can see from the way the pro players play who have participated in world poker tournaments.

They played quietly without any sound. Because if you play calmly, the enemy will think you got a good card and eventually they will be afraid to place a big bet.

Paying attention to the 3 scratch cards on the table

This method is the most commonly used if you want to win in playing poker.

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Because of the first 3 cards that are opened it will determine your future victory.

If the 3 cards that are opened do not allow you to form a strong card combination, then it’s a good idea to fold.

But if the 3 cards allow you to form a 5 card combination, it depends on whether you want to continue the game or not.

That’s why poker is often called a game that requires courage to play it.

You also have to accept the risk if it turns out that you cannot form this card combination.

For that, be smart in observing the first 3 cards that are opened, because of these 3 cards that will determine your future victory.

Don’t Bluff Too Often

You should not use this technique often.

Use this technique only occasionally, because if you use it continuously, other players will know that you are only bluffing.

Use this bluffing technique if you do hold a pretty good card.

Because if you bluff but the card you are holding doesn’t have any card combinations, and it turns out that the enemy also has a card combination, the enemy could go all-in too.

So don’t use this bluffing technique too often.

It’s true you have to use this bluffing technique, but don’t use this technique every round of your game.

Later you will lose a lot because you use this bluffing technique too often.

After you know the tricks to win in this poker game, you only need to play it on a trusted poker site.

But you are still confused which is the trusted poker site.

Well, I recommend you to play at qqcapsaonline.

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At qqcapsaonline also provides jackpots in playing poker.

Here’s the jackpot in the poker game provided on the qqcapsaonline site.

Poker Jackpot

In poker games, there are many jackpots that can make you richer just by getting certain card combinations.

But before you get this jackpot, you must first buy the jackpot ticket.

Here’s the jackpot:

Full house jackpot

If you buy a jackpot and get a full house card combination, then the jackpot price you buy will be multiplied by 10.

Jackpot Four of Kind

If you buy a jackpot and get this four of a kind or siki card combination, then your jackpot value will be multiplied by 250.

Straight flush

If you get a straight flush and have bought the jackpot, then your jackpot will be multiplied by 1200.

Royal flush

If you get this card combination and you buy the jackpot, then your jackpot will be multiplied by 10,000, my boss ?

Super royal flush

This super royal flush is the biggest jackpot. If you get this card combination and get the jackpot, then your jackpot will be multiplied by 30,000.

And this super toyal flush has the same card arrangement as the royal flush.

It’s just that to form this super royal flush, your 2 cards with the first 3 cards that are opened must form a royal flush card.

Only at qqcapsaonline you can get this big jackpot advantage.

So choose an online poker site like qqcapsaonline so you don’t make the wrong choice.

Hopefully this article helps all of you poker gambling lovers in Indonesia.