Tips and Tricks for Playing Capsa Susun

In this article, we will provide some tips and tricks for playing Capsa Susun. Before you listen to some tips and tricks from us, make sure you have registered at domino qq online. Trusted IDN Poker official agent in Indonesia.

  • The first tip is that you have to understand the correct and correct arrangement of cards. There are many strategies that you must have in this Capsa Susun game if you get a card that is not good. You have prepared a card arrangement that will make you not accept defeat or at least you don’t experience a lot of losses.
  • The second tip is that you must always pay attention to the arrangement of the cards on your opponent, and be able to predict the cards that your opponent will arrange. slot deposit via pulsa
  • The third tip is that you have to play casually and calmly, when you play calmly and relaxed of course you can make your opponent confused and can’t read the cards you have arranged, thus making the chances of winning very big for you.
  • The fourth tip is that you must be good at counting and focus on combining the cards in your hand.
  • The fifth tip is that you must carefully look at the good card opportunities in order to win the game to the maximum, because in 1 game you are only given a short time to arrange the 13 cards in your hand into a good combination.
  • The last tip is the patience that is needed to win this Capsa Susun game, so that you can win bets that are expected to play very patiently so that you can always win this game.

A few of our tips and tricks are very useful in this Capsa Susun game, hopefully they are useful and can make you win.