SBOBET Mix Parlay Playing Guide

Playing soccer betting on Sbobet

In this article, we will discuss the Sbobet Mix Parlay Play Guide or Package or commonly called the soccer betting jackpot. Mix Parlay is a bet type link alternatif sbobet that allows you to place bets on several parties at once on 1 ticket. And the Odds from the Sbobet Mix Parlay itself will be multiplied entirely depending on the status of each party you install.

Mixparlay or ball jackpot is a type of bet that is very popular with members. This is because winning bets on the mixparlay will get multiple profits. The maximum payout for this game is 1 billion rupiah. This Double Bet only requires a small capital to get as many wins as possible. Curious right? Check out how to play MIXPARLAY on sbobet as below:

SBOBET Mix Parlay Playing Guide

It should be noted that in Sbobet Mix Parlay, you cannot place double bets on 1 type of party. You can play the sbobet handicap bet if you want to bet singly. daftar sbobet online

If you place an HDP bet on the Wellington Phoenix vs Melbourne Victory match, you will no longer be able to place other situs judi bola terbesar bets on that event. You can no longer put O / U, OE, etc. to the party. You must be careful and observant in choosing your bet type.

SBOBET-Mix-Parlay-Playing-Guide In column A, you can select a sport (Soccer, Basketball). Then you can select the event on a certain day (today, tomorrow, or the next day).
It should be noted that the maximum payout (maximum nominal amount that can be paid) is 1.3 billion rupiah for football and 266 million for sports other than football.
Below that, you can see a table of matches, the types of bets, and the odds offered. You can choose one of the types of bets you want. In column B, there is a MORE button which if clicked will bring up other types of bets besides those listed. For example, for example the total goal, correct score and so on.

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If you have made a bet, you can see the details of the total bets that you have placed in column C. In the example image above, it can be seen that Katanabet has placed bets in 3 parties. Then you just need to enter your stake (stake) in the column provided and click the Submit button. Please double-check the total bets that you have placed to avoid misunderstanding.

To win the Mix Parlay, no party may end in losing. One party loses, then the Mix Parlay on your online soccer gambling site is considered to be defeated.

Thus the article Sbobet or Package Mix Parlay Play Guide. Also check out how to play SBOBET Soccer Betting Online to broaden your horizons.