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The trusted online gambling game Blackjack is not only the traditional type that you usually play but there is another variation that needs to be tried, namely Spanish 21. Blackjack is not a new game in the casino category, it can even be said that this is one of the “faces” of the casino itself where bettors will always look for and play this casino gambling even when they play in a trusted online casino live gambling agent though. But the traditional version sometimes tends to be very boring for some people so they want a different version in this game and there is a variation that is Spanish 21. judi slot terbaru

What Are the Trusted Online Casino Gambling Game Rules?

Spanish 21 can be found in the majority of trusted online gambling agents as an alternative variation of the Blackjack game that is fun and also more unique than the classic or traditional version. Previously this game judi nova88 deposit pulsa was difficult to find in old Las Vegas but now it is famous. This game tends to be easy to play as long as you also understand the traditional Blackjack game so it is not difficult to master.

Double Down on cards with any nominal after split is allowed even after hit. Players can also use Surrender after Double Down and this is known as Double Down Rescue. The US can be hit as well as split and the hand with 21 will always win. Of course there is a payout bonus if the bettor can make 5 cards with a nominal value of 21 or 678 and 777. In this game, all cards whose value is 10 will be withdrawn from the deck and not played.

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However, only picture cards that have a value of 10 are played in this game. The result is that the dealer will bust more often and fewer Blackjack combinations can be played where the bettor still has a chance to hit some other profitable hands. Actually Spanish 21 is quite similar to the Pontoon game which is also a variation of Blackjack where the number 10 will also be withdrawn from the deck because of the house advantage.

However, depending on the live casino agent you choose, Spanish 21 can have different rules even though the basics are the same and these are the standard rules used in Spanish 21:

  • In most casino agents, the dealer will stand at soft 17 and the payout for this game is around 3:2
  • Doing a re-split or split again is allowed and this also applies to ace cards and the bettor’s job in this game is to beat the dealer
  • The player may Double Down once at any point of the total cards he gets and may also Double again after the split as well as Surrender after the Double.
  • This game has a low house edge and can start from 0.38% to 0.78% depending on the strategy you play in this game.

This Spanish 21 offers different special payouts and the payout also differs from one casino gambling site to another but there is a standard payout that is most commonly used where the largest payout payout is 3:2 if you get 5 cards with a value of 21 in In the meantime, a 3:2 payout will also be given to the bettor who succeeds in getting a card with a face value of 678 for any suit and 777 for any suit.

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If the bettor has 777 of the same suit and the dealer shows a 7 of any suit, then a payout bonus will be awarded to the bettor with a nominal greater than the initial bet used to play that hand. If you are bored with the classic Blackjack or other versions, then try a different Spanish 21 with more bettor-friendly rules.