Introduction and Procedures for Online Poker Games

Introduction and Procedures for Online Poker Games Poker game, is the most popular type of card gambling game around the world, since the early 20th century. Currently, this card game, also known as Texas Hold’em, has penetrated into the digital world which is indeed the result of developments and advancements. information technology and is called the Online Poker game. Just like the Offline Poker game which is so popular and becomes the main game in world-class gambling tournaments, Online Poker in the realm of the digital world, is also the main online gambling game that is most widely played, including in the Asian gambling market. This condition clearly presents an opportunity for every bettor or online gambling player, to fight and win a lot of advantages through this one game. As for the Online Poker game, is a game that is included in the complex game group and must really be understood about the basic things in this game. And in this discussion, we will describe the introduction and procedures for playing online poker games, let’s look at the following: Agen Sbobet Terpercaya

Introduction to Online Poker

Online Poker games agen balakplay are played using deck cards or often also called playing cards, which consist of 52 cards and are included in 4 types of cards (spade / spades, hearts / hearts, diamonds / diamonds and club / curly). In playing the Online Poker game, the player will get 2 cards (hand cards) and will be combined with 5 cards which will be opened on the betting table by the dealer (the dealer). To determine the winner in the Online Poker game  , an assessment is carried out to get the highest card arrangement owned by the player and the owner will come out the winner. Of the 5 cards that are opened on the table, 2 of them will be discarded or considered non-existent to enter a combination of 2 cards in the player’s hand to determine the best card combination the player may have.

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Arrangement of Cards in Online Poker Games from the Lowest

  • High Card

Is a card arrangement consisting of 5 different cards with aces up to 7 cards being considered as high cards.

  • Pair / Two of a Kind

The arrangement of cards consisting of 2 cards of the same or the same value while the other 3 cards are different (J, J, 5, 7, Ace).

  • Two Pairs

The arrangement of cards, where there are 2 pairs of cards of the same value among the 5 cards, for example (As, As, K, K, 10)

  • Three of a Kind

A card arrangement where there are 3 twin cards among the 5 cards, for example (J, J, J, 3, 5)

  • Straight

Different from pair cards, Straight is a card arrangement consisting of 5 different but sequential cards, for example (8, 9, 10, J, Q).

  • Flush

The Flush card arrangement is a fairly strong card arrangement in the Online Poker game, where in the Flush card arrangement, there are 5 different cards with the same leaf. Example (ace of spades, 5 of spades, 7 of spades, J of spades and 8 of spades)

  • Full House

Higher than Flush there is a Full House, in the Full House card arrangement, there are 3 twin cards combined with 2 twin cards or in other words, Full House is a combination of Three of a Kind with Pair cards. Example (As, As, 10, 10, 10)

  • Four of a Kind

As the name implies, Four of a Kind is a card arrangement where 4 of them are twin cards. Example (Q, Q, Q, Q, 10)

  • Straight Flush

Straight Flush consists of the arrangement of cards as mentioned in the Straight card arrangement (cards in sequence), but have the same leaf. Is a combination of Stragit and Flush arrangement.

  • Royal Flush
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The Royal Flush is the strongest card arrangement in the Online Poker game and the player who has the Royal Flush arrangement, is certain to come out the winner, no matter what. The arrangement consists of Ace, K, Q, J, 10 cards with the same leaf, which is the Straight Flush card arrangement with the highest value.

Phases in Online Poker Games

In playing the Online Poker game, there are 4 phases that players will follow in each game, namely: Pre Flopp, Flopp, Turn and River.

  • Pre Flopp

The dealer distributes 2 cards to each existing player

  • Flopp

3 cards will be opened on the table by the dealer

  • The Turn

The fourth card will be opened on the table

  • The River

The fifth card and is the last card will be opened by the dealer on the table

At each phase in the Online Poker game, players can determine the steps to be taken in playing, according to their wishes.

Steps in Online Poker Games

Just like card games in general, in online poker games there are 4 types of steps that players can take on each turn.

  • call

This is a step that a player can take, if he decides to play and follow the bet amount or bet that has been set by the player who took his turn first.

  • Check

Steps that can be taken to follow the phase played in the game in Online Poker games, without placing additional bets bet

  • Raise

This is a step taken by a player in an Online Poker game, when it is his turn to step and decide to increase the bet amount or bet value, when other players have determined the bet amount in the previous step (increase the bet amount). Players can also re-raise or re-raise, if the opponent also takes a raise step after the player with the next turn has raised and returned.

  • All In
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All in is a step that can be taken to bet all the money or chips in one turn.

  • Fold

Unlike the previous steps, Fold is a step taken by Online Poker players when deciding to quit or exit the game / retreat.