How to Win Poker With Simple Tricks That Are Rarely Known!

The game of poker certainly has a lot of fans, right? But do you know how to win poker so you can get rich?

Of course, everyone wants to win continuously in gambling, especially poker gambling because there are so many fans.

Moreover, many people have become rich because of playing this poker.

Of course you all want to be like those who can become billionaires just from playing poker, right?

But you also have to follow the tricks that professional gambling players do when playing poker in order to win the game.

How to Win Poker With Easy Tricks

Many people lose when playing poker because they don’t know the winning ways and tricks they should use when playing poker.

Plus, many people who play poker only know how to play and join their friends. promo slot online

Playing this poker gambling using real money, if you only know how to play, of course you can spend your money just for playing this poker.

Before we go into the discussion of how to win poker, we will tell you the terms commonly used in poker games.

Because there are still many people who do not understand this term.

If you don’t know these terms, you can use them wrong and make you lose when playing.


This check term is used to continue the game without having to issue or increase the value of your bet again.

Check is usually used when you are unsure of the cards you have but want to continue playing.


Call is used when you want to place a bet with the same amount as your opponent’s.

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Many people use this because they don’t want to lose to their opponents.


Besides being able to follow the value of bets from other players, you can increase the value of your bet more than the highest bet value placed by other players.

Many people use this because they don’t want to be under other players.


Fold is used to stop the game or close your cards.

People who fold this usually get cards that they think are bad and cannot bring victory.

All in

All this is only used by people who do get good cards.

Because all in is making a bet using all the money you have.

so make sure you do have a good card to do this all in.

After you know the terms in poker games, now we enter the topic of our discussion about how to win this poker.

Do Bluffing If You Want To Win Poker

This bluffing technique is most often used by poker gambling players.

Because by doing this bluffing technique, the enemy will think you have a good card and eventually they will fold.

This technique is often done by professional gamblers daftar idnpoker out there.

Indeed, this technique is risky, but you can also feel victory if you do this bluffing technique.

Why is it risky? because it could be that your playing opponent has a good card so they will continue the game.

Focus On The First 3 Cards

Why did I mention you have to focus on the first 3 cards first?

Because the first 3 cards will determine your future victory.

If the 3 cards opened by the shuffler on the table make you have a high chance of winning, then you can continue the game.

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However, many people are forced to want to make a combination of 5 cards with card conditions that do not support.

So you have to pay close attention to the 3 cards, whether the 3 cards allow you to form a 5 card combination, then you just have to continue the game or increase the value of your bet.

Don’t Bluff Too Often

It’s true that you have to use bluffing techniques to win the game and make your opponent afraid to continue the game.

But if you do this technique too often it will make you lose.

How did it happen ? because if you do bluffing or bluffing continuously, the enemy will know the technique you use.

That way the enemy is no longer afraid of your bluff and they will continue the game.

If you make a bluff when you get a bad card and the enemy continues the game using good cards, then you will experience defeat, right?

So use the bluffing technique just once.

Making Winning Targets

With you make a winning target, you can feel victory.

Do not believe ? I will give an explanation.

Of course, those of you who like to gamble will not stop playing until they are satisfied, right?

Try to make a winning target and when you play your winning target has been achieved and you immediately stop playing.

This way you will certainly get a win every time you play.

What actually makes people often lose is when they have won and do not stop playing because they are not satisfied with their victory.

The victory they got earlier could even turn around making you all experience defeat.

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For that, try to make a winning target when you want to play gambling.

Don’t be easily provoked

The habit of Indonesian people when playing gambling is easily provoked and emotional.

This is proof that many people have experienced deep defeats.

If you have lost, try to stay calm and devise a new strategy.

For example, you lose and there are opponents who underestimate you, don’t get emotional.

Because they only provoke you who are already emotional and you immediately place large bets.

This of course will make you lose even more because you can’t think well.

For that, don’t get emotional and have to stay calm when playing this poker.

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