How to Play Sakong / Super 10 Quickly For Beginners

Many people ask, how do you play Sakong?

Because of the many questions about it, we will provide an explanation of how to play this Super 10 or Sakong.

Sakong, Super 10, Samgong, it’s all the same, the only difference is how to call the game.

The three names have the same meaning, just to make it look cool with these other names.

Let’s go straight to the topic of discussion. agen slot terpercaya

It’s not long and it’s really long, we will explain it briefly and clearly to all of you.

How to Play Sakong / Super 10 Easily

Before you go into the discussion, it’s a good idea to first know the rules of playing this Sakong.

Because the rules are the most important thing, and if you break these rules of course you will lose and can’t play.

  1. Sakong game is played by a minimum of 2 people with a maximum of 9 people in 1 table.
  2. Each player will later get 3 cards, but do not get them at once, there are stages in playing Sakong.
  3. In playing Sakong, there are those against the dealer or against fellow players, depending on you.
  4. The game loop runs clockwise.
  5. The player with the highest number of card points will emerge as the winner.
  6. If there are players who have the same points, it will be seen from the highest card number, and if it is still the same, it will be seen from the symbol of the card they are holding.

Isn’t it easy for the rules to play this Sakong?

After you know the initial rules for playing Sakong, then we will enter the stage of how to play.

How to Calculate Sakong Points?

For the first way, if you want to be able to play Sakong, you must first know how to count points in the Sakong game.

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In the game of sakong, the highest number is 10 / 0.

So if your card count is 10, then you can auto win, unless there are other players who get the same card points as well.

For the points on each playing card are different, here are the points values ​​for each playing card in the game of Sakong.

Cards with numbers :1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 have the same value as the numbers listed on the card.

Jack, Queen, King have a value of 0 or no number.

And for aces, it has a value of 1 point.

In playing this Sakong you will get 3 cards, then how do you add them up?

You can see the example below so you can understand easily.

If you get a card like the one above, of course you definitely know how to add it, right?

As mentioned earlier, the ace card has a value of 1.

So 1 + 1 + 3 = 5

For your card points is 5.

But what if you get a card like the one below.

If you get a card like this, then automatically the number of cards is more than 10 right? even though the highest points in the Sakong game are only 10.

To calculate it like this: 10 + 10 + 4 = 24.

If more than ten, then you just take the last digit only.

So your points if you get a card like the one above are 4.

And if you get 3 cards numbered 10, then your total card is 30.

If your card totals 30, then you get the highest points in this Sakong game.

Because what is taken is only the back, which is 0.

The highest value in the Sakong game is 10, and the last number is also 0.

Isn’t it easy to count points in this Sakong game?

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Stages in Playing Sakong Online

Each player will place a bet before getting a card.

If you have placed a bet, then each player will get 2 cards first for them to peek.

If you have finished looking at your 2 cards earlier, then you can determine whether you want to continue the game or not.

To continue the game, you will be given 3 choices,

Fold : Do not want to follow the bet or do not want to continue the ongoing game

Call : If there is an opponent before you who raises the bet, you can continue the game by following the value of the player’s bet or raising it. If not, then you can only fold

Raise : Raise is used to increase the value of your bet. Players who raise usually have good cards and are sure to win.

Media for Playing Sakong Gambling

When you can play Sakong, then you just have to play it using real money and you feel the sensation of playing it.

Don’t be afraid there is no capital, because we will tell you the media to play Sakong gambling using only 10,000 capital.

Imagine, with only 10,000 you can already play this Sakong gambling.

The name of the media for playing this Sakong gambling is QQCapsaOnline.

QQCapsaOnline is a site that you can use as a medium to play Sakong gambling.

The way so that you can play Sakong at QQCapsaOnline is also easy, you have to register first.

registering at qqcapsaonline is also easy and not difficult at all.

First, you just have to visit this qqcapsaonline site and click on the list menu on the main screen.

After that you just fill in the personal data provided on the registration form.

Make a Deposit and Play Sakong

If you have registered, the next step to be able to play Sakong is to make a deposit.

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To make a deposit at qqcapsaonline is very easy because qqcapsaonline provides many types of services for major Indonesian banks.

The types of banks provided include: BCA, BRI, BNI, Mandiri, Danamon, CIMB Niaga.

With these 6 types of banks, members are no longer difficult to process deposit and withdrawal transactions.

So there is no longer any reason for you not to be able to play Sakong gambling because there are sites that provide few bank services.

You might be able to say that on other sites, but you can’t say that to qqcapsaonline.

Banks are often offline? no time to go to the ATM? Don’t worry, qqcapsaonline also provides deposit services via OVO, Go-Pay, XL Credit and Telkomsel.

So you can definitely make a deposit through the many services provided by qqcapsaonline.

QQCapsaOnline knows that member comfort is the most important thing.

If the bank is offline, of course the member can’t make a daftar idnplay pagcor deposit right? For this reason, qqcapsaonline provides deposit services via OVO, Go-Pay, XL Credit and Telkomsel.

Still confused ? Just ask the available LiveChat

Still confused because it’s the first time playing Sakong online gambling? don’t worry, you just need to contact the existing live chat.

You just say the things that you are still confused about to the customer service that works.

The customer service will help with everything you are still confused about.

Both how to deposit, how to play, how to download applications and so on.

They will explain in detail and will give you directions until they can.

The customer service on duty at qqcapsaonline is definitely polite, friendly and of course professional in answering member questions.

I think that’s all I can say, hopefully it will be useful for all of you online gambling lovers.