How to Play Sakong Online According to Village Gamblers

Sakong is a card game that lets you put your players’ skills to the test. This game provides many advantages for those who understand how to play pocket online correctly.

In this article, we will provide a guide to playing Sakong gambling for you. By following the guidelines we provide, you can increase your chances of winning and also increase your profits. situs judi bola resmi

The Correct Way to Play Sakong Online

Since its appearance in Indonesia in 2007, the Sakong game has attracted the attention of card players in Indonesia. Although this Sakong game is not as popular as other card games, the demand is also high.

History of the Sakong Game

Judging from the name, Sakong even saw Chinese elements. The name Sakong itself consists of 2 words, namely SA which means 3 and KONG which means king. After collection, Sakong Indonesia was interpreted as a game with THREE KINGS.

In fact, the Sakong lineage stems from a common game in the ancient Chinese Empire. In ancient times, Sakong did not use cards. However, Sakong’s game itself uses pebbles and slowly the game uses tarot cards.

Over time, this Sakong game began to use cards like the games daftar cmd368 currently used. Historically, the Sakong game has existed since ancient times. This can be seen from the origins of the game, which date back to the days of the ancient Chinese empire.

Then it started in Indonesia in 2007. And now Sakong Indonesia games are available online without having to look for opponents.

How to Play Sakong Online Games

For starters, you don’t have to worry about them having trouble playing the Sakong Indonesia card game online. Because the game is very easy to understand.

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The game itself is played by 2 to 8 people simultaneously. This Sakong game consists of 2 parts, namely the group and the installer. Indonesian Sakong players can choose to become bookies or stay in online Sakong games.

However, every player who wants to become a dealer must have sufficient funds. The more credits you have, the more chances you have of becoming a dealer in each game.

Therefore, it is important for players to get as much credit as possible. When playing online, players need to be careful and understand how to count cards. Each round, players receive 3 playing cards via the online system.

The Sakong platform itself is the only installer against the dealer. The way to play Sakong Indonesia is that every player who has more cards than this player is the winner.

Bookies earn more

The dealer itself produces more than just installers. Because bandits can win the chance to get high quality cards.

So it can be said that in the Sakong Indonesia online card game, the Bandar is more profitable than the installer. There are various types of cards that can be brought by Sakong card players into the pot.

For players who get this type of card, the gift box is sure to be very important. The card types mentioned here are the highest to lowest cards that get the biggest win for the player who receives them.

The first type of card is a Jackpot AAA (Triple US) combination. The second is a combination of the first prize KKK (Triple King). The third card is a combination of the QQ (Triple Queen) jackpot.


The fourth card is JJJ’s (Triple Jack) biggest prize combination. Jackpot combination 10 10 10 (Triple Ten), and the last type of card combination is Jackpot 3 Pictures. Each type of card combination has a chance for the player. For those lucky enough, the biggest prize was won in the Sakong Indonesia online card game.


The following is the story and how to play sakong online that is right so that you can profit a lot.

Players who try to play Sakong cards can follow the method described. Play now and try your luck for the biggest prize combination.