How to Manipulate a Slot Machine: Seven Ways to Make a Fortune

How to Manipulate a Slot Machine: Seven Ways to Make a Fortune

Although the prototype of the slot machine was invented in the 19th century, the modern version of the game started to gain popularity only in the 50s. According to online gambling sites in the USA, slots still remain one of the most popular games both online and in reality. Today, we are going to reveal 7 ways of how to manipulate the slot machine in real-life, from the easiest to the hardest ones. Cara Daftar Judi Bola

Stringed coin – baby mode

The coin manipulation is probably as old as humanity itself. It was a very popular way to cheat on the older versions agen slot terpercaya of slot machines back in the 60s and 70s. Basically, the piece of a long wire or a string was attached to a coin; then, after a person has registered the positive balance, they could have used the same coin again. Although this is a very old method, it may still work on slot machines paying in coins. Later slot machine manufacturers added a mechanism that detected the presence of wire. Moreover, machine manufacturers changed the cash dispensers in a way that potential scammers couldn’t insert foreign objects in it.

Washers and slugs – easy mode

If there is a chance to play the game for free or at least for a lower price, slot cheaters wouldn’t hesitate to do that. For example, a hardware manufacturer in Nevada produced a series akun slot online of washers that had the same size and weight as the Washington quarter. As a result, people were using them to take advantage of slots and vending machines.

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Despite the fact that the US government outlawed the slug usage, it is hard to identify the offender even with the security footage. The mechanical money manipulator became a bulwark against washers and other slugs. It passed the coins through the obstacle course and identified the foreign coin-like objects. It is still possible to use washers, but only for the old games which have a coin dispenser.

Foreign currency – easy mode

Using foreign coins for slot machines is still a popular trick. It is very similar to using washers or other slugs, except in this situation a player is actually paying money. Some coins are interchangeable – for instance, people often confuse 1000 Indonesian Rupiahs with 2 Euro coins, although it is just about 0.067 of its value. Currently, there is a little potential there, as new slot machines usually accept banknotes and credit cards. Modern pieces of software also help to verify the coins’ authenticity. However, the trick still works on vending machines.

The monkey paw – normal mode

Slot machine manufacturers and casinos treat the inner composition of their machines as a trade secret. If a machine falls into wrong hands, a potential offender can discover the way to cheat the system. Tommy Glenn Carmichael, the cheating genius, spent a year inspecting the Video Poker machine and eventually came out with the monkey paw. Anyone can make the device using the piano or guitar string. The paw is then inserted into the machine’s ventilation system so it can trigger the payout mechanism. This way of slot machine manipulation still works on older models.

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Eagle eye – hard mode

Here is the point when it comes to more sophisticated methods. In the early versions of slot machines, players were able to stop reels themselves, all together. Therefore, players with keen eyes and sharp reactions could potentially win a jackpot using their skills. Although technically it wasn’t cheating, machine manufacturers had to redesign the game, so only one reel could be stopped at a time.

Slot cheats also used external stimuli (like electromagnetic impulse) to fool the machines, but manufacturers soon removed this exploit. To date, all the reels are stopped electronically and it is impossible to interfere with the games’ mechanics.