How to Deposit Credit in Dominoqq Online Games

We used to often discuss the advantages of a well-known online qiuqiu site, namely Dominoqq. As the best online gambling site, Dominoqq online has many advantages. The most mentioned advantage is the ease of sending money on this popular qiuqiu online gambling website, the luck of the domino qq card is actually the deposit process can be done very easily, which is one of the advantages of it. from this online gambling site. For those who are new to time deposits, here is the description for you.

The Meaning of Deposits on the Dominoqq Online Website

Depositing money at dominoqq online is almost the same as depositing money at other gambling sites. At this popular online gambling site, deposits can be simplified into chip purchases. Chips is a combination tool for betting. Slightly different from bitcoin or virtual currency. Through this chip you can bet online. So how do you get those chips? Daftar Slot Online Terpercaya

How to Receive Deposits on the Dominoqq Situs Site

To be able to get chips on the dominoqq gambling site online, the following conditions are required. You must first register as a member on the dominoqq online gambling site. If you are not registered then you cannot and will not be able to buy chips. How to register as a member of the dominoqq site is very easy. Please enter the registration menu or visit the link provided so that registration can be done immediately. You will be directed to a registration form which you must fill out.

Go To The Website You Will Play

You are obliged and obliged to become a member of the online dominoqq gambling site because to make a deposit you must first enter the site. Once on the site, select the deposit menu. After entering the top-up menu, there will be instructions on how to make the appropriate deposit. Apart from tutorials, there will also be a number of account options for you to choose from. The available account numbers include BCA, BNI, BRI and Mandiri banks. You only need to choose one. However, make sure the account number is an active account number. Next, write down the account number.


Why do I need to be an active account? There are many reasons. First, if you make a deposit or transfer to an online account on an inactive dominoqq site, then your deposit will arrive 1 × 24 hours after waiting for an active account. And even worse if you make a transfer to an inactive account daftar poker99qq. If this happens, all the money you transferred will be lost. This may be because the government has locked the account.

Set Deposit Amount Before Betting

In addition to having the correct online dominoqq gambling site account number , you also have to set the deposit value. Deposit at least 50,000 to receive a big bonus. Especially if this is your initial deposit. There will be big bonuses so it is best to deposit a large enough amount to receive a big bonus. Don’t forget to make one three part number or transfer amount. The goal is that your deposit is easily recognized by Dominoqq bookmakers. As an example and guide, please submit a denomination of 10,123 or 50,444 or another unique number. This is to speed up your deposit.

Make sure the funds you transfer are correct

If you have set the amount for the deposit, the next step is to make a transfer. Make the transfer properly. After the transfer is successful, you must save your proof of transfer. Although it rarely happens, to avoid sending money failures, you have the proof. Transfer failures often occur because the bank does not immediately make the transfer. Proof of your remittance is also important for later confirmation.

Deposit Confirmation Via Customer Service

The next step you have to do after the deposit is successful is to confirm. ( Read more: Registration Procedure on Online Poker Gambling Sites ) The trick is to return to the deposit menu. After entering the deposit menu, select the deposit confirmation menu. When you select the confirmation menu, you will be immediately directed to the confirmation page. Fill in the confirmation sheet correctly. Enter the amount starting with the deposit amount, the date you made the deposit, and the time when you made the deposit. If it matches the data on your remittance receipt, submit the form. The deposit will arrive soon.

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Here’s an easy way to deposit money at dominoqq online . Depositing money at qq domino is easy and will quickly gain access to our account. If you are not logged in immediately, please confirm with the dealer via chat. Send live chat with proof of transfer. Within a few minutes, the deposit will be processed immediately if the money has actually entered the Bandar account.