Games That Make Money: Poker, Capsa Susun, Qiu Qiu, Ceme Online

Playing games is certainly a favorite of many people, isn’t it / but there are games that make money for all of you.

If you want to know what games make money, we will tell you below.

Games That Can Provide Income

If you like playing games, of course you can spend a long time just playing games, right?

But what if you play games that can make money?

Surely it will be something that makes you more profitable, right? agen slot online terbaik

If you really want to play games that can make you money, we will tell you what games can make you earn extra money.

Moreover, now you can play it, you can only use your cellphone and can be played at home.

Online Poker

The first game that can make you money is poker.

Poker is a game that has been very busy played by many people because it can make you money.

If you don’t know how to play poker, then you’re pretty much out of date.

Because this game is so crowded that there is a world tournament with billions of rupiah in prizes.

In the past, poker games could only be played by meeting people directly and playing them using real cards.

But over time, playing poker no longer needs to meet people in person and use real cards.

Now there are gambling sites that provide media for playing poker.

How to play poker is easy, you just have to place a bet at the beginning of the game first to get a card.

The cards that you will hold will be 2 cards.

After you get the 2 cards, you can increase the bet amount or check.

If you have, then the shuffler will open 3 cards on the table and all you have to do is match the cards you hold.

If it is possible for you to form a strong card combination, then you just have to continue the game by checking, calling, or raising.

Later the shuffler will open 1 more card and you just have to match it with your card like before.

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If you really have a great opportunity to get a strong card combination, then just continue playing like before.

When you have continued the game, the dealer or card shuffler will reveal the last card and this card will determine who will be the winner.

The player who manages to make the strongest card combination will be the winner.

Capsa Sus

Capsa Susun is the most difficult game to play.

Why is that ? because the capsa stacking game really requires a high strategy in order to win the game.

In playing capsa stacking you have to be smart in compiling it and have to determine your own strategy.

In the capsa stacking game, it is divided into 3 arrangements, namely the top, middle and bottom.

The top consists of 3 cards, the middle 5 cards and the bottom 5 cards too.

The bottom must be filled with the strongest card combination than the top.

The middle should be weaker than the bottom but stronger than the top.

The upper part can be considered as a place to put unused cards, but this upper part can also determine your own victory.

Don’t you ever get it wrong, remember, the bottom must be stronger than the top.

If the bottom is weaker than the top, then you will be declared defeated or fall in the round of the game.

Why did I say that this capsa game is a difficult game?

Because capsa stacking doesn’t rely on hockey yourself, you get good cards, but skills in compiling them that will allow you to win the game.

Domino Qiu Qiu

Domino qiu qiu is a game that is in great demand by Indonesians, just like poker.

How to play domino qiu qiu is also quite easy, you just need to add up the card numbers on the card you get.

Therefore, the domino qiu qiu game really requires determination and also high luck in order to win the game.

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Why do I call it requires determination? because you have to dare to take risks if you get a bad card.

How to play later you will be dealt 3 cards at the beginning of the game.

After that you can peek at the card you got earlier, then you just have to make a decision whether you want to continue the game or not.

If you want to continue the game, you can increase the bet amount to get the last card.

When you get the last card, all you have to do is open the card and you have all your cards.

But you divided the 4 cards into 2 pairs.

So you just add up every 2 cards, and the card with a number close to 9 will come out as the winner.


The ceme game is a part of the domino qiu qiu game.

Because ceme has the exact same way of playing as domino qiu qiu.

The only difference is the number of cards used to play it.

If in the domino qiu qiu game you use 4 cards, this ceme only uses 2 cards.

For how to play it is also the same, you just open the cards that are dealt and add them up.

The player with the closest value to the number 9 or getting the number 9 will come out as the winner.

Playing this ceme also does not require skill or determination to continue the game.

Because you just place a bet, get a card, open it and then count it.

After that it remains only to determine the victory and the round of the game is over.

Mobile Ceme

Ceme around with ceme is different.

The only difference is how to determine the city.

If in the ceme game the dealer is only 1 and does not change unless the dealer goes bankrupt or resigns.

For the calculation of numbers and also how to determine the victory is also exactly the same as ceme.

The player with the number of cards close to 9 will emerge as the winner.


The city changes also follow a clockwise direction, so everyone will feel like a city.


Can you play poker already? then it is certain that you can easily understand how to play this omaha.

Omaha and poker are exactly the same, the only difference being the handcar.

If in poker you use 2 cards in your hand, then Omaha uses 4 cards.

However, of the 4 cards, you can only use 2 cards.

So you are free to use 2 cards from the 4 options available.

The gameplay is also exactly the same as the poker game, and the way to determine the win is the same as poker.

Super 10 / Sakong

Super 10 is a game that also doesn’t require any playing skills.

Because the principle of how to play super 10 with ceme and domino qiu qiu is the same.

You will be dealt a card and all you have to do is open the card you get.

However, in the Super 10 game, 3 cards are used.

Where will be dealt 2 cards first at the beginning, then continued with 1 more card and all you have to do is add up the cards.

The player who has the closest number to 10 daftar idnplay poker 99 or gets the number 10 will immediately come out as the winner.

Download Game Applications That Can Make Money

If you are looking for a game application that can make money for you, then qqcapsaonline is the answer.

QQCapsaOnline provides applications that provide games like the one above and of course can make you money.

How to download the application is also easy, you just need to visit the QQCapsaOnline site.

After that, you just need to contact the livechat on duty, and the customer service on duty will give you directions until the application is downloaded to your cellphone.

Moreover, this game application is available in 2 versions, namely the Android and IOS versions.

So you can adjust it according to the HP version you are using.