Android Gambling Game: The Best & Trusted Real Money Gambling Application Aplikasi

You have a hobby of playing games and want to play them using real money? Now there are android gambling games that you can get easily.

Playing land gambling in Indonesia now you can no longer do as you please like before.

Why ? because in Indonesia today people who play gambling will be subject to criminal law. judi slot terbaik

So Indonesians are getting more and more difficult when they want to play gambling and are afraid to play it.

But now you don’t have to worry anymore, because there is already such a thing as an android gambling game that only uses 1 application.

You can now play online without fear of being caught by the police again.

Moreover, your data or privacy will be safe when playing this gambling.

Download the Trusted Android Gambling Game

If you want to play gambling games, of course you have to download the game application first.

To download it is also not too difficult, you just have to visit the qqcapsaonline site.

After you visit the qqcapsaonline site, an image like the one above will appear and all you have to do is click mobile, and just download the application.

You can get the android version of the application and there is also an IOS version.

However, more Indonesians use the Android version of the cellphone than the IOS.

Create a QQCapsaOnline Android Gambling Game I

After you have successfully downloaded the gambling game application, the next step is to create an ID and password so you can enter the gambling game application.

The way to register is also not difficult, you just need to enter your personal data in the registration form.

For personal data you must fill in:

ID :

Email :

Mobile phone number : 

Account number :

Banks :

Account name :

Later when filling out the registration form, you will fill in the data as above.

Do not worry that your data will be used for things that are not.

You will be asked for an account number so that your winnings when playing can be transferred directly to your account number.

The name is also a gambling game, of course you have to use real money, right?

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Make a Deposit to Play the Gambling Game

Of course you have to fill in the balance to be able to play this gambling game.

How to deposit at qqcapsaonline is not difficult at all.

You just need to make a transfer to the account number provided by qqcapsaonline according to the type of bank you use.

Many sites do not provide many types of banks, so they cannot make deposits.

Take it easy, qqcapsaonline provides 6 types of banks that you can use to make deposits.

You can make deposits via BCA, BRI, BNI, Mandiri, CIMB, and Danamon banks.

A lot isn’t it? this is what makes qqcapsaonline a place for bettors to play android gambling games.

Want to make a deposit but the bank is offline? At qqcapsaonline you can make deposits via OVO, Go-Pay, XL Credit and Telkomsel.

A lot isn’t it? you can make a deposit anytime and anywhere easily.

QQCapsaOnline will also help you 24 hours non-stop.

Anything Confused? QQCapsaOnline Android Gambling Game Has Live Chat!

If there are still things that you are confused about, you can ask the customer service on duty at livechat.

because the live chat on duty will help you 24 hours non-stop.

For example, you want to make a deposit and request an active account, you can contact customer service.

Customer service will provide an active account according to the type of bank you use.

If you are also confused about how to fill out a deposit or withdraw form, you just need to contact the customer service on duty.

You will be given clear instructions until you can.

Confused about how to play the existing games? You can also ask the existing customer service.

The CS on duty will provide you with special guidelines that are made for loyal members.

The guides provided are not the result of colons or duplicates, they make them themselves specifically for members who still don’t understand.

So qqcapsaonline is indeed very professional in opening gambling applications.

At qqcapsaonline, there are also many types of games.

Types of Gambling Games at QQCapsaOnline

If in 1 application there is only 1 game, surely you will all feel bored, right?

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But all of you don’t worry, because the Android and IOS gambling game application qqcapsaonline provides 7 types of games that you can play in just one application.

Want to know what types of games are provided by qqcapsaonline? the following types of games are provided by qqcapsaonline.

Online Poker

Who doesn’t know this poker game?

This game, which is already very global, certainly has a lot of fans.

For that, if you want to play the qqcapsaonline android gambling game, there will be this poker game.

This poker game also has its own world tournament.

How to play poker is also not too difficult, you just have to match the 2 cards you hold with the 5 cards that will be opened at the table later.

And the way to determine the victory is only from the strongest card combination.

So the player who manages to form the strongest card combination will come out as the winner.

Capsa Sus

You want to play capsa stacking?

If so, then you should practice often and mature your skills.

Why is that? because the capsa stacking game is a type of game that doesn’t really need what is called hockey.

Playing capsa stacking requires a skill in compiling the cards.

Because it’s useless if you get a good card but are not smart in compiling it.

In fact, people who get bad cards but are good at arranging them will win than those who get good cards but can’t arrange them.

For this reason, practice often before you play this stacking capsa gambling.

Domino Qiu Qiu

Domino qiu qiu is almost the same as poker, just as there are many enthusiasts who want to play this gambling.

In the domino qiu qiu game, it only takes determination and luck to get a good card.

Why is that ? because you only need to open the cards that are dealt and count them.

Later you will get 3 cards if you have placed a bet at the beginning of the game.

When you get these 3 cards, you can peek at them first and you just have to make a decision whether you want to continue the game or not


If you want to continue the game then you have to increase the value of your bet first in order to get the 4th card.

If you have got the 4th card, then all you have to do is distribute it into 2 pairs.

The player with the card value closest to 9 or 9 will be the winner.


If you already understand how to play domino qiu qiu, then you can be sure that you understand this ceme game.

This ceme game is almost the same as the domino qiu qiu game.

The only difference is the number of cards used.

If domino qiu qiu uses 4 cards, then ceme only uses 2 cards.

In playing this ceme does not require skill at all.

All it takes is hockey from yourself to get a good card.

Mobile Ceme

Ceme with ceme around it is different, it turns out.

The only difference is the city.

If the ceme game only requires 1 dealer and does not need to be replaced, then this ceme city will change continuously every round of the game.

The dealer in the ceme can still be replaced if the dealer resigns or goes bankrupt.

But the ceme around the city will still change clockwise each round of the game.


Omaha is a game similar to poker.

The only difference is the handcard.

If the poker game uses 2 handcars qq poker online terpercaya, in Omaha it uses 4 handcards.

Later, 5 cards will be opened on the table and you just have to match them with your cards.

However, of the 4 cards you hold, only 2 you can use, aka you choose 2 of the 4 cards you hold.

Super 10

How to play super ten is also the same as domino qiu qiu and also ceme.

You just add up the cards you get.

So this game also does not require any playing skills, what is needed is only high self-hockey.

The player with a value close to 10 will emerge as the winner.